Natural                       Reusable                        Washable                  Compostable               

Our Nanikana Beeswax Wraps were born out of our desire, as a family, to reduce our usage of plastic. When looking around for options, it became clear to me, the market needed more colors & affordable prices.  


It is with this in mind, my love for fabrics and the desire to make a change that I came up with a wrap affordable for everyone. It is important, that we can all have access to ways of reducing our consumption of single usage plastics. We need to work together, as a collective, so we can try to reverse the damage we have done, for the future of our children.


Our reusable Beeswax wraps are lovingly made by hand in Basel, Switzerland. They are made using Oeko-Tex certified cotton, the best Swiss Beeswax and organic ingredients sent in a simple compostable glassine paper.

Our Beeswax Wraps & Bags are made by hand, in Switzerland with Oeko-Tex certified cotton,

Swiss beeswax, organic coconut oil & fair-trade resin.. 

Beeswax Wraps

 Small 15cm x 15cm

Preserves your halves, seal small jars, makes pouches for snacks and helps to open tight jars

8 chf

Medium 25cm x 25cm

Perfect for wrapping sandwiches, cheeses, left overs and covering bowls

12 chf


 Large 32cm x 32cm

Covers casserole dishes, salad bowls or vegetables.


16 chf


X-Large 42cm x 55cm

Covers large casseroles and breads

24 chf

Beeswax Bags

Snack bag  12cm x 15cm

12 chf

Sandwich bag  18cm x 19cm

16 chf

Lunch bag 22cm x 25cm

20 chf

Bread bag 25cm x 42cm

26 chf

*Please, keep in mind the design on the wrap might be a little different from the pictures depending where it was cut in the fabric.

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