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All About Nanikana Beeswax Wraps

We have tried to answer all the main questions we get asked, but if you have any question that hasn't been covered here, please drop us an email.

A part on the wrap seems rougher, is it normal?

Why are there lines on the wrap after use?

This is perfectly normal, the wax will crease, but it will not affect its purpose.

Yes, that's normal. When it dries, there are sometimes bubbles. Do not worry, it does not affect the efficiency of the packaging.

Why not making the Wraps round?

It produces unnecessary waste to make them round so we decided against it.

 How do I take care of my Nanikana Beeswax Wrap?

After use, wash your Nanikana Beeswax Wrap with mild dishwashing soap and cold water, You can and let it hang to dry or gently pat it dry.

How long will my Beeswax Wraps last for?

Your Nanikana Beeswax Wraps can last up to a year and beyond with proper care. After use you will see a few creases where it has been folded, this is just the natural stage of ageing. Don't worry, your wrap is working just well. And, at the end of the wrap's life, you can put it into the compost.

How do Beeswax Wraps work?

You use the warmth of your hands to help mould the wrap over a piece of food, bowl, dish, etc. The wrap will hold its seal once it starts to cool down. The Nanikana Beeswax Wrap allows your food to breath and It will keep your cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, baked goods, herbs, sandwiches and anything else you want to use them for.

* We do not recommend to use them with raw meat or fish.

What are Nanikana Beeswax Wraps made of?

Our Nanikana Beeswax Wraps are made of organic Oeko-Tex certified cotton, Swiss beeswax and organic coconut oil.

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