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All About Nanikana Mask covers

I have tried to answer all the main questions I get asked, but if you have any question that hasn't been covered here, please drop me an email.

What if I am in a rush and need my masks a soon as possible? 

At the moment, it can take up to 3-4 weeks because of this sudden massive need for everyone to wear masks. I am now offering a priority option of 2-4 business days (up to 20 masks).

Where are the masks made?

All the masks are made by me, in my atelier in Basel, Switzerland. 

Where is my order?

Because of the recent law passed by the Swiss government that requires wearing masks in the public transports, I have received a great amount of orders in a very short period of time. The masks are made to order and by hand.  


It takes time and dedication to create a high quality handmade product and I want to make sure you are entirely happy with it.   

Can I wash my Nanikana mask?

Absolutely! I have pre-washed all my fabrics in the washing machine at 75 degrees celsius using hypoallergenic soap. 

Should I wash the masks before to wear them?

Yes, please! Always wash before using them for the first time and after each usages.

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