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Josianne Olcer,

The Designer behindNanikana


Nanikana, meaning  "main road" in Algonquin, was the original name of the Harricana River. 

Here is a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Québec, Canada, and I have settled in Basel, Switzerland with my little family. I’ve had the passion for design and creating since I was a little child so it was only natural I chose to study it in depth. After graduating with distinctions from college in Fashion Design, I was offered a position of lecturer in a Fashion Design University in Istanbul. I was fortunate enough to work with multiple well known designers and collaborated with brands and Fashion magazines like Elle Turkiye. 


My goals here are to offer products made here, the way you want them at a reasonable price. 

Auf dem Hummel, 2
4059 Basel

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