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What is Nanikana?


My name is Josianne, I am a Design & Pattern Making University Professor, from Quebec, Canada. I have had the privilege to live and teach in different countries such as Spain, and Turkey, before settling in Basel with my husband. Both of our kids were born here and Bruderholz is our adopted home.

My brand name Nanikana refers to the original name of the Harricana River which flows between the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario and ends in James Bay. The Algonquins were the first to utilise the rivers power as a route; they named it Nanikana, meaning "the main way"

Nanikana represents my life journey: beginning with my grandmothers teachings that connected us to our lost indigenous roots, flowing & guiding me through various countries and experiences. Nanikana is a connection deep to my Canadian roots.

The Atelier-Boutique is a place to come together. Whether that is for: meet-ups, sharing & learning new skills, working on projects or supporting local artisans. Nanikana is a safe, supportive place to work on your projects with the help of a professional while having access to a variety of tools and equipment that you may not have at home!

Nanikana offers personalized pieces and accessories that are designed, created and hand-crafted by me right here in this atelier. We also offer clothing pieces tailored to your body, accessories, embroideries & prints out for individuals or businesses. The focus is on upcycling, repairs and alterations, to ensure your items can either live a longer life, or begin a second.

We are so happy you are here!

Auf dem Hummel, 2
4059 Basel

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